the plot

Created by our urge to feed our passion to share stories in compelling, unique and a compelling perspectives, French Canadian Director and filmmaker, Olivier Lessard, and American Born Chinese photographer, James Bee, founded Brooklyn based, Fiction Studio.

Olivier was born in raised in Montreal where he studied filmmaking and spent time working in many parts of the film industry, directing and creating music videos, shorts, in addition to gaining valuable experience working in the commercial TV space. Olivier’s love for movement and music separates him from other directors, as he is able to weave together audio and visual elements into one cohesive and compelling narrative.

James was born and raised in Michigan to creative entrepreneurs who pushed and supported his desire to pursue the arts despite his initial fears of choosing an uncertain/unstable career path. While studying at the University of Michigan, James spent a summer working at VISION Magazine in Beijing, China, where he discovered his love for photography, creative direction, and collaborating with talented artists.

After graduating James moved to New York and met Olivier while interning at a production studio. Together they began to work on passion projects - where their ideas and stories were unrestricted, in addition to client work, where they assisted other artists, brands, and companies in creating and sharing their stories. Together, Olivier and James came together and start, Fiction Studio, a space for creative brainstorming, collaboration, and creation.